On the 19th of November, A science quiz was held in the premises of Sharon English High School.This Quiz was conducted under the supervision of Teachers , they were ably assisted by the captains. Students from STD V,VI and VII participated , three of the brightest students were chosen from the four houses . As a trivia based on science,the event contained many questions related to physics,chemistry and biology .There were 9 rounds :

MCQ (Biology)

MCQ(Physics and Chemistry)

Serial order Round

Scientist’s and their Discoveries

Recognize the audio

Recognise the video

Experiment round

Buzzer round

Puzzle round

The audience actively participated in the event as the Quizmaster kept them involved by quizzing them.The red house won with flying colours.

“It was a wonderful experience and I got to learn variety of things. I would like to participate in more such competitions ” said  a member of the winning team.The student who answered the most number of questions correctly was awarded with the title ‘QuiZard’. This event proved to be very educational and informative for the students. It was a much appreciated endeavour by the school , such events go a long way in moulding students personality and testing their knowledge.


Contributed By :-

Rohan Warang,
Cultural Captain