Doctor’s Day is celebrated on July 1 st all across India to honour the legendary physician and the
second chief minister of West Bengal Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.
Doctor’s Day is observed to lay emphasis on the value of doctors in our lives. July 1 st pays a perfect
tribute to all the doctors who have made relentless efforts towards achieving improvements in the
medical field.

Our school management organized a seminar for the students on std VIII to X on July 1 st 2017 where
they invited five doctors namely Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava, Dr. Swati Railkar, Dr. Namrata Goray and Dr.
Mangesh Patil.

The topic for std VIII students was about reaching adolescence while the topic for std IX and X was
about having a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Swati Raikar and Dr. Namrata Goray created awareness on the
topics on inculcating the habit of eating nutritious food for staying fit and healthy, avoiding junk food
and to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava and Dr. Mangesh Patil interacted with children of std. VIII freely on issues of
growing up – changes at puberty, changes in body shape, voice changes, development of sex organs,
secondary sexual characters, menstruation and the role of hormones in initiating reproductive
systems. The doctors used interactive slide presentations to make the seminar lively and interesting.

There was also a short Q&A session where students put forth questions that the doctors patiently

I want to express my gratitude and appreciate the level of commitment and expertise of the dotors
who spent their valuable time with our students and teachers. It was an enriching and informative
session for all of us. I thank the doctors for accepting the invitation and wish them success in their
service to mankind. I also appreciate the school management and principal for organizing a seminar
on such a topical issue.


Ms. Geeta

Science Teacher, Secondary Section