Sharon English High School is delighted to celebrate 2017-‘8 as its Golden Jubilee year, a celebration of 50 years of growing in wisdom and excellence. To make this occasion a memorable one various events were planned for the academic year that began in June 2017. There was a great amount of enthusiasm and zeal seen in each and every member of the Sharon family while planning the events. When we finally decided to turn these celebrations into an inter-school event, the enthusiasm doubled. We decided to name the festival ‘Zest’, to share our zest of celebrating 50 with other schools Read more

In-house Declamation Competition

As a part of the Golden Jubilee Year celebrations, a new concept of Declamation was introduced in the school. The competition was held in the school on the 2nd of December, 2017. In a Declamation a student has to deliver a speech which has previously been delivered in public by an eminent person. Eighteen students of std VIII,IX,X participated in the competition. Students selected inspiring speeches given by popular personalities. Students delivered speeches given by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Narendra Modi, Malala Yusuf, Emma Watson, Ashley Zabhian, Martin Luther King, Tendulkar and many others. The students also shared the reasons Read more


Sharon English High School organized The Annual Sports Day for students of std. 8,9,10 on November 28 and 29, 2017 at Data Prabhodini grounds, Mulund west. Everyone gathered on the ground by 8 am, the atmosphere was festive, everyone looked excited. Once the races began the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for young athletes .In addition to individual competitions, team events such as langadi, kabbadi and dodge ball were also organized.  Maximum students participated in the customized and fun filled track and field events. Students competed house-wise in these events. Red house became the champions of Read more


On the 19th of November, A science quiz was held in the premises of Sharon English High School.This Quiz was conducted under the supervision of Teachers , they were ably assisted by the captains. Students from STD V,VI and VII participated , three of the brightest students were chosen from the four houses . As a trivia based on science,the event contained many questions related to physics,chemistry and biology .There were 9 rounds : MCQ (Biology) MCQ(Physics and Chemistry) Serial order Round Scientist’s and their Discoveries Recognize the audio Recognise the video Experiment round Buzzer round Puzzle round The audience actively Read more

Let the celebrations begin with ZEST

“Growing in Wisdom and Excellence,” an ideal, envisioned by its founder, late Mr. K.T Philips has always been a guiding principle in fulfilling the endeavours of providing quality education. Our commitment to the vision along with adoption of modern technology and methods in education has resulted in institutional success. Being the recipient of the Best School in India award conferred by the Brainfeed Magazine is the latest testimony of this success and this has given us reason for a double celebration. This year, being the fiftieth year, it is the time to cherish and celebrate the efforts and hard work Read more

Brainfeed Awards: Another feather in our cap

The students, teachers and staff of Sharon School have been busy preparing for the upcoming golden jubilee celebrations which begin in early December. Turning 50 is no easy feat and we want to leave no stone unturned to make this a memorable experience for everyone. Amidst this flurry of activity, we were pleasantly surprised to receive the news that we have been featured in a listing of Best Schools in India created by The Brainfeed Magazine. Brainfeed is a monthly educational magazine that covers a range of issues that are of relevance for teachers, parents and anyone else working in Read more

फुटबॉल स्पर्धेचा अहवाल २०१७ – १८

स्थळ: आर मॉल टर्फ ग्राउंड मुलुंड (पश्चिम) – ४०००८०. वेळ: सकाळी ७:०० ते दुपारी १:३० मुलुंड: शेरॉन इंग्लिश हायस्कूल मध्ये दिनांक: ७/७/२०१७ – सहावी ते दहावी , १४/७/२०१७ – तिसरी ते पाचवी, ३१/७/२०१७ – पहिली, दुसरी रोजी फुटबॉल स्पर्धांचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते. मार्गदर्शक हर्षद सर, लाड सर हे उपस्थित होते. मुलीहि मागील वर्षी पासून ह्या स्पर्धेचा आनंद घेत आहेत. इयत्ता ६ वी ते १० वी ची सर्व मुले व मुली यांचा यात समावेश होता. सकाळी ७:०० ते दुपारी १:३० पर्यंत स्पर्धा चालू होत्या. मार्गदर्शक ‘लाड सर’ हे आपल्या विद्यालयाचे ‘माजी विद्यार्थी’ आहेत. १ ली ते ५ वी च्या विद्यार्थ्यांना Read more

The Junior Editors From Sharon

The DNA newspaper conducted the “DNA Junior Editor Competition” all over Mumbai in the month of August. Students from the primary and secondary section at Sharon participated in this competition with great enthusiasm. The task at hand was to design and create a newspaper all by themselves in a suggested format. The students put on their thinking caps and began working on their newspapers with great creativity and great gusto. All the students were guided by the teacher, Ms. Shailaja Menon. Everyone put their best foot forward and this was evident when two students from std.VI won the special prize Read more

Grandparents’ Day: Celebrating the hands that hold us!

Grandparents play an important part in helping us raise our little ones. This year, Sharon Nursery decided to dedicate a special day to these wonderful grandparents who make our lives richer and warmer with their love and affection. On 8th September the little ones and their teachers invited grandparents to school for an action-packed and fun-filled day. Each child came to school with their grandparents and we made sure everyone left school with memories to cherish for a lifetime. The creative and fun-loving teachers at Sharon Nursery had arranged for games, activities and even a photo booth with exciting props! Read more